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A Website Builder Better than WordPress and Wix?

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Are you looking for the best all round website builder for your blog, eCommerce website, business website, entertainment website, portfolio website, media website, brochure website, Nonprofit website or Educational website?

Well ZYRO is the BEST. That’s right, I will confidently guarantee you that you will be delighted with this website builder. It hasn’t receive quite the merit & recognition it deserves, that’s simply because it is relatively new and not many people have made reviews on it.


Zyro is a free website builder launched in January, 2020 and by the first month 30,000 websites were already published. That’s an average of 500+ websites being published daily which is very impressive for a new website builder.

With the Zyro website builder you can switch between desktop, mobile, and tablet view. The tool builds a website with responsive design in mind – websites look great on every kind of screen! You can make adjustments for each platform your website might be viewed on.

Users with minimal technical knowledge can set up a website with both function and form. It uses an easy-to-master drag and drop interface. All you need to do is pick a designer made template, fill in the content, and add or remove elements you prefer. Rearranging layouts, changing fonts, images, and other features is incredibly easy! A professional website can be made in less time than it takes to make dinner. They have numerous tools that no other website builder has, and the only one with advanced AI tools that will help boost your business.

So let’s get straight to why I say it is the best…

1. Zyro AI Heat Map

Generally, when working with heatmaps, users have to send traffic
to their website to see their users’ behavior. Only after that can
they optimize their sites. Meanwhile with Zyro AI Heatmap, users
can check which parts of their website will get the most attention
before they even publish their website. Two different datasets were
collected to train Zyro’s model: a dataset from an eye-tracking device
and a dataset gathered by using bubble view methodology.

2. Speed

Currently, Zyro sits at the throne of the fastest website builder. Zyro’s clients enjoy industry-leading website load times, beating many of the well-established brands. While defining Zyro’s technology architecture, the number one priority is speed, both the speed at which they could introduce new services as well as page load speed.

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For us, easiness is about Extreme simplicity and unparalleled speed.



Website BuilderDesktopMobile
Constant Contact9461
Source: *Google PageSpeed Insights tool. March 6th, 2020.

Industry leading magazine Search Engine Journal states that most of the
current website builders are failing to ensure event decent website speed,
which directly affects:

  • How long visitors stay on your site
  • How many visitors convert into buyers
  • How much you pay per click in paid search
  • Where you rank in organic search

3. Pricing

As stated earlier Zyro has both paid and free plans. The free plan is great for you to start with if you have a doubt or you just want to try out the new service, you can upgrade to any of the other 4 packages with a 30 day money back guarantee full refund. With the paid plans you also get FREE HOSTING, which is important to note. If you want the free Zyro plan you can get fair hosting prices starting from $0.99 as you won’t get free hosting with the free package.

Here are the Five Packages available for you to choose.


Hottest Deal
(For personal brands)
(For businesses)
(Sell goods online)
(Grow your business)
Unlimited Bandwidth500 MB3 GB
Unlimited Storage500 MB1 GB
Free SSL Certificate
SEO optimization
Designer-crafted templates
Brand your business with AI
Connect your own domain
Free domain for 1 year
Google Analytics
Facebook pixel
Google Tag Manager
Visitor remarketing
Accept online payments
100% commission-free
All eCommerce functions
Email notifications
Discount coupons & Gift cards
Complete order tracking
Inventory management
Shipping and tax management
Abandoned cart recovery
Your store in multiple languages
Product filters
Facebook Shop
Instagram Store
Your products on Amazon
If you are wondering where to get the best domain under $1,
consider trying out Hostinger for as little as $0.9 annual fee.

Now, if you want to launch a business or an eCommerce website you are probably wondering whether that is the best price, and yes it is. Here is an interesting comparison.

WordPress+Woo commerce Vs Zyro

As you’ve seen from the table above, Zyro packages for business/eCommerce cost $3.49, $14.99 and $21.99 respectively. The Woo Commerce builder is free. However, you don’t get free hosting, so you’ll need to host at WordPress where business packages cost $8, $25 and $45. You get what I am saying…

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4. Simplicity/Ease of use

Zyro was built from scratch to allow them rethink the website builder user experience and keep only the essential features, making the interface pretty clean and simple. It is the simplest, even simpler than Blogger. Even the most inexperienced can easily get started creating a website in no time.

Besides offering the drag-and-drop functionality, they’ve introduced an intuitive CSS grid. Elements can easily be moved from one place to another allowing you to play around with the designer-made templates and still look great. Everything will snap right into place perfectly.
Changes have also been made to the way users interact with the templates.

Better template editing experience allows Zyro users to get that custom look
easily, without having to make hundreds of changes to their chosen template which other website builders fail to do.

5. Stunning Templates

Zyro offers you designer templates that will give your website a professional look. Apart from the templates, Zyro also offers you 1,000,000+ high quality images for you to use on your website without any copyright issues.

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6. Great for SMEs, Freelancers and Bloggers

For Bloggers

Due to the inbuilt SEO tools, ultra-simplistic nature and the AI content generator; you won’t struggle publishing posts and getting loads of traffic in no time. The designer made templates will guarantee you a very beautiful website, which will definitely enhance the user experience of your website. Even if you aren’t good at choosing the perfect look for your website, Zyro has you covered.

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For Businesses/Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Zyro created various tools dedicated to support entrepreneurs who are starting out, such as the Logo Builder, Slogan Generator and Business Name Generator. All of them are publicly available for anyone to use, without registration or subscription.

People usually choose to build websites for their side-gigs, businesses, or
personal projects. Everyone has a default expectation that a well constructed website will make them look professional.

However, the current leading website builders only partly solve this issue. In the end, users still depend on agencies, freelance writers, and designers to help their website take its final shape.

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7. Customization Flexibility

You can literally do whatever you want to with your website. You can place videos, images and AI generated content anywhere using the easy to use drag & drop feature. Try out a combination of various fonts and colors for the most unique looks that will leave you preeminent  against your competitors. Click here to try the AI content Generator for free.

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8. The AI Content Generator, Logo maker and Slogan Generator.

Zyro is built on GPT-2, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. The
GPT-2 language model is trained on a text corpus and it is currently
the most advanced publicly available AI texter. The model predicts
the next words by just looking at part of a sentence. By using this
technology, they are allowing users to generate unique texts for
their websites in seconds and then, if needed, edit them according
to their own style.

The Logo maker lets anyone turn their creative ideas into reality. It’ll only take a minute of your time to design a logo and it’s free too. No designer help needed.

You’ll be able to customize every element of your newly created logo, from icon to size and text, and make it reflect your company perfectly.

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9. Great Customer Support

The Zyro Customer support team is working 24/7 all year long to ensure that all your needs, queries and complaints are dealt with accordingly. If you need help at any time, feel free to contact them at any time of the day. They will even help you if you need to migrate your website to their platform or to migrate from your previous hosting provider.


Zyro is the perfect free to use website builder for anyone looking to have an online presence. It is the simplest yet most affordable website builder in the market today. Whether you are a blogger, freelancer, an entrepreneur or a big business looking to have an online presence, Zyro has all that you need. With Zyro you get:

A free professional looking website

Zyro AI Heatmap

AI Business name Generator

AI Content Generator

Slogan Generator

Logo maker

Great customer support

Greatest value for your money with Business plans

Fastest Speeds in the market

Custom Designer Templates for your website

Free image library with 1,000,000+ high quality for your use, free of charge.

What more do you want than a website builder that is Faster & Cheaper than the 2 market leaders WordPress and Wix?

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