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Is Blogger Website Builder by Google any Good?

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Blogger is a free to use blog-publishing service owned by Google since 2003 that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It mainly focuses on accessibility and ease of use for millions of bloggers around the world. Unlike most other CMS that mostly created in php and javascript, Blogger uses Python. Also, Blogger comes as an “All-in-one package” instead of having to manage different plugins separately like wordpress or drupal for different functions; Blogger comes included with everything you need without needing those plugins.

Some of the most notable websites using Blogger include The Hacker News, Amusing planet and of course all of Google’s official blogs just to mention a few. As of July 2020, 1.6% of the world’s website are on Blogger.



Adsense intergration

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Perhaps the biggest advantage for Blogger websites is that you can automatically display relevant ads on your blogs with ease. It is relatively more difficult to insert ads on other platforms, especially ones without ad plugins. It may also be an added advantage for your website considering how difficult it is to get your website approved by Adsense.

Other inbuilt Google services

You don’t need to bother finding ways to integrate Google analytics or Google search console. It is sometimes a headache because you have to look for a plugin to do so or to insert codes into your themes which may require some coding skills.


Blogger lets you safely store thousands of posts, photos, and more with Google for free.


The website builder is completely free of charge. Also, you get a free domain name with a ( But if you want to remove the blogspot extension you can purchase your own domain name.

Speed & Performance

Websites built on Blogger are optimized for best performance. All you have to do is to focus on publishing good content while Google takes care of everything to do with speed and security.


Limited Customization

You get fewer options for themes and plugins. You don’t get as much flexibility in customization as you would like. This can reflect from the fact that many publishers often start here but as they grow they tend to migrate to services such as WordPress as they give you greater customization options.

Lack of Plugins

Remember when we said about everything in the platform being in-built…

Well that means you don’t get plugins. The best thing about choosing your own plugins is that you enable and disable functionalities thatyou want on your site. There are tonnes of security plugins, social plugins, SEO plugins, code editors, ads integration plugins (if you prefer other services to adsense such as Adsterra, Adcash and PropellerAds), and other essential features that make your website have extra functionality that your CMS and web host doesn’t give you.

Traffic Loss

Many people complain that there is a loss of traffic if you don’t post regularly. If you don’t post for lets say a week, you will start noticing a drop in your blogs.

Lack of SEO options

Blogger has its own SEO functionality, however, due to having limited control of the site you will struggle to optimize your blog for SEO purposes. That is where SEO plugins are needed the most, but you won’t get any of that on blogger.

Lack of Support

Blogger has hundreds of forums for almost any issue encountered, however, if you need more help there is no support team, you simply have to find help elsewhere, probably somewhere like YouTube.

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