Everything to know about Drupal Website Builder

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Drupal is a free and open-source web content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Drupal is a powerful solution that lets marketers and others build and manage sites, multichannel digital experiences, shopping experiences and integrate a diverse ecosystem of digital marketing and related tools and technology.

Drupal provides a back-end framework for at least 2.3% of all websites worldwide– ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites.

Drupal also describes itself as a Web application framework.When compared with notable frameworks Drupal meets most of the generally accepted feature requirements for such web frameworks.

Some of the famous websites created by Drupal are tesla, The Australian Government official website, The Emmy Awards and NASA.




Drupal has been meticulously tested up to strict security rules by Drupal experts and contributors. Its built-in security is strong. Drupal will lock down whatever directory installed, rendering important data, configuration files unable to be accessed directly. No wonder that many big sites with extreme security are using Drupal


Drupal is enterprise-ready for the world’s busiest websites like GRAMMY.com and The Olympics where failure is not an option. And, more than just supporting high traffic sites, Drupal will scale with your business and your brands for your next-generation digital transformation and allow you to evolve down the road without skipping a beat.


Speed matters in digital marketing. Digital-first organization needs a platform that helps them move quickly and capitalize on business opportunities. Drupal’s flexible platform lets marketers and developers overcome bottlenecks and delays so they can run a fast and agile team and create amazing experiences.

Variety of content types

Drupal is famous for allowing to create and manage many content types, like: videos, polls, user management, text, blogs, podcasts, statistics, and others.

Open Source

The term “Open source” defines software whose source code is made publicly available. They are eligible for use and modification by users, developers subject to certain conditions.

What makes an open source technology popular and favourable is:

  • There’s no money cost for people to use the software.
  • A big community (Users, developers, admin) exists to help one another.
  • The software is stable because many developers & experts are testing it day by day. Should a trouble arise, a related request can be instantly submitted and resolved.
  • Many open sources like Drupal are under the GNU Public License. That means the software is utterly free to download, use, and modify: There is no requirement for purchase, license, or maintenance fees.

Available resources

Nearly anything you want to do with the system has been priorly created and done absolutely well by other people. Other great news is nearly all of the most useful modules (Drupal add-ons) are contributed to the Drupal community. This is invaluable because, in many CMS, you have to pay for important features. As a user, you have benefited greatly from someone’s efforts, and experience.

Robust and convenience

Be assured that the source code for building your Drupal sites has been precisely written, and designed by Drupal experts. When you have an intention to do more complex and advanced work, you will find it easy and convenient to modify the system. This grants users a great advantage over other CMS.


Advanced User Interface

The user interface is not that friendly for beginners. It will take you time to adopt to the UI.

Installation and modification

The script is not very user-friendly and requires advanced knowledge to install and modify. You need some experience. I would recommend you to watch Youtube tutorials before getting started.

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