The Ultimate Affiliate's Guidebook

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guidebook. Everything you need to know

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to monetize any website. It is easy to implement on any site and you can earn handsomely if you join the right affiliate programs. They are somewhat better than displaying ads on your posts and pages as many users find them pretty annoying.

Angry Face
Your site users after viewing ads on your website.

They are less distracting to users and better, they don’t get blocked out by ad blockers as ads do, so you are sure that all visitors will definitely see them.

But what exactly is Affiliate Marketing and what does it entail?


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing in which a business entity rewards an affiliate for each visitor/ amount of traffic or customers brought to the business entity by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. The rewards may come in several forms such as cash, discounts, coupons etc.

Performance based Marketing

Performance-based advertising/ pay for performance advertising, is a form of advertising in which the purchaser pays only when there are measurable results. The advertiser, (or affiliate) has to achieve a minimum condition to get some reward.

There are 4 common models of rewards involved in performance based marketing:

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPL
  • CPA

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program, or sometimes Partnership program, is a program that involves any business or Web advertiser and a webmaster (the affiliate). The affiliates places the business’s advertisements on their website, social media platform or any other source of traffic via an affiliate link provided to the affiliate by the advertiser.

For each successful conversion the affiliate makes, the advertiser pays him/her if the customer signs up using the provided affiliate link.

CPM (Cost per Mile/ Cost-per-thousand)

A pricing model that charges the advertiser for the number of views/ impressions(typically per every thousand view). The advertiser is charged even if the audience does not click on the link.

CPC (Cost per Click)

The advertiser is charged on if the audience clicks on the link, overcoming the problems with CPMs. It is however more expensive than CPM.

CPL (Cost per Lead)

The advertiser is charged for every lead the affiliate generates (For example if the customer signs up or subscribes). This is used interchangeably with CPA and both happen to be more expensive than the 2 previous.

CPA (Cost per Action)/ (Cost per Acquisition)

Here the advertiser pays for every successful sale of a product or service. Typically most common with business or eCommerce sites.

When you are looking to advertise or to be an affiliate, the 4 above mentioned models are what you should consider. If you are an affiliate, you will earn more revenue from CPA or CPL compared to CPM or CPC. As an advertiser, keep in mind that CPA and CPL will cost you more, but you will get much better results.

Top 10 Advantages of Affiliate Marketing for Publishers

  1. Great source of Passive Income.
  2. Easy to Work/ Earn from home.
  3. Performance Based Rewards (your hard work will be rewarded).
  4. Cost Effective.
  5. Convenient and flexible for anyone.
  6. Non-disruptive on your websites and blogs.
  7. It is mutually beneficial for both advertiser and affiliate.
  8. Easy to get started (nothing difficult about posting affiliate link on your website).
  9. You don’t pay to get started.
  10. No need to design ads, the advertiser has already created the ad for you to display on your website.

And now what you came for: The best Affiliate programs I would recommend…

The Best Affiliate Programs

Below is a list of reputable Affiliate programs from reputable companies that pay handsomely and are very easy to integrate with your website. Affiliate programs do have a high conversion rates because they are products/ services that are already well known and in great demand. Some are better than others because they offer sub-affiliate programs.

Best Forex & Binary Option Affiliate programs

The main reason why I am starting with Forex and Binary Options is because they offer very generous revenue share for every successful signup. This is by far more profitable than most as getting revenue share of lets say 50% of your affiliates spending is better than getting 3% from Amazon sales.


Models: CPA, Revenue share(40 or 50% depending on what you prefer)

Countries Available: All countries Except Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, North Korea, Palestine, Russia, South Sudan, Syria, and the USA.

Payouts: Minimum of $10, payments done twice a month. No fee charged.

Available payment methods: WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin and Neteller.

Iq option Affiliate program


Models: Up to 80% Revenue share, up to $1000 for the CPA model.

Countries Available: All countries Except United States, Canada, European Economic Area, Switzerland, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, Puerto Rico, North Korea, Yemen, Sudan, Bangladesh, Vanuatu, and Australia.

Payouts: Minimum of $10, payments done twice a month. No fee charged.

Available payment methods: WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin and Neteller.

The Most unique thing about them is that they give affiliates a Free Website domain plus hosing all for Free

ExpertOption Affiliate


Models: CPA ($50 for every qualifying Registration & a maximum of $10,000)

Countries Available: All countries Except Latvia, Lithuania, France, Ukraine and USA.

Note: The referral/partnership program is only available to members who have joined Alpari.

Alpari international
Alpari Forex Broker

Models: CPA ($50 for every qualifying Registration $ a maximum of $10,000)


Countries Available: All countries Except Latvia, Lithuania, France
and Ukraine.




Ava Partners




XM Partners
Join XM Today

Best Web hosting & Web Builders Affiliate programs


Zyro website builder Affiliates
The best Website Builder with best Revenue share Model of 70%


Hostinger Affiliate
Offers a generous 60% Rev Share


Bluehost Affiliates

Best Online shopping Affiliate programs


Hammacher Schlemmer


Amazon Associates


Shopify Affiliate


eBay Partner network

JUMIA (Best In Africa)

Jumia Affiliates

Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate programs




HaasOnline Referral


Coinbase Affiliates

CryptoTrader.Tax affiliate-program

Plus500 Bitcoin affiliate program


Best Ad Networks Affiliate programs


Infolinks referral program




Adcash Referral program


Adsterra Referral network


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