Is Wix the best for me?

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Wix.com Ltd. is an Israeli software company, providing cloud-based web development services. Wix.com is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide. They make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional web presence. It allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

Users can add social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums to their web sites using a variety of Wix-developed and third-party applications. The Wix website builder is built on a freemium business model, that earns its revenues through premium upgrades.

Some famous websites using wix include Footballer Sergio Aguero’s official website, Hilary O’Leary Photography website and men’s grooming products eCommerce store MAAPILIM.

PlanPrice in USDFeatures
Connect Domain
(Most Basic)
$4.50 /month1. 1 GB Bandwidth
2. 500 MB Storage
3. Connect you own custom Domain
(Personal use)
$8.50 /month1. 2 GB Bandwidth
2. 1 GB Storage
3. Connect you own custom Domain
4. Removes Wix ads
5. Free domain for 1st year
6. Upload up to 30 minutes of high definition videos
(Entrepreneurs & Freelancers)
$12.50/month1. UNLIMITED Bandwidth
2. 10GB Storage
3. Connect Your own custom Domain
4. Remove Wix Ads
5. Free Domain for 1 Year
6. Upload up to 1 hour of high definition videos
7. Site Booster App – $60 Value
8. Visitor Analytics App – $60 Value
(First Priority Support)
$24.40/month1. UNLIMITED Bandwidth
2. 20GB Storage
3. Connect Your Domain
4. Remove Wix Ads
5. Free Domain for 1 Year
6. 2 Video Hours
7. Site Booster App – $60 Value
8. Visitor Analytics App – $60 Value
9. Professional Logo – $50 Value
10. Social Media Logo files
11. Priority Response
12. VIP Support



Great Support

If you run into any problem using Wix, all you need to do is contact their support team and they’ll get right back to you in no time. Unlike WP,

Inbuilt SEO

Wix has its own inbuilt SEO helping you rank higher and grow your search engine visibility with professional SEO tools created by Wix themselves.

Rapid Load Time

Powered by innovative technology, your site visitors always get the fastest possible loading time and best user experience – from anywhere.

Beautiful Templates

Wix has exceptionally stunning Templates with pre-built layouts that suites any type of blog or website.

Secure Hosting

Protect sensitive data, like payment info and passwords. Wix sites come with an SSL certificate—the highest security standard— and encrypt data over an HTTPS connection.

XML Sitemap

Wix creates and maintains your sitemap, keeping everything up to date. Search engines will use it to find and crawl all your site pages. 

Instant Google Indexing

Get your site listed on Google in under 30 seconds and start appearing in search results. Just pick your keywords, follow your personalized plan and see your site rank.

Mobile Optimized

Search engines prioritize mobile-friendly sites. With Wix, a mobile version of your site is automatically created, guaranteeing pages perform well across devices.

Structured Data

Get more of your site info to appear in search results. Add schema markups so search engines understand which content can be displayed as a rich result.


No unlimited Storage Plan

One of the biggest downside about wix over other competitors is the lack of unlimited storage in any of their plans. Whether you get most basic or the VIP, you can only receive up to 20 GB.


The pricing as you can see from above isn’t that cheap when compared to other competitors. Also, you have to upgrade to the combo plan or higher to remove wix ads.

Restrictions in changing templates

Once you choose your first template, it becomes sort of “Permanent”. You won’t be able to change to a completely new one if you may end up displeased with the one you got.


As opposed to what many blogs say, the drag and drop feature limits your ability to customize your website completely.

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